• Hi,
    I wrote a small proof-of-concept app a while ago that uses the textinput and ble_uart modules to implement a minimalist chat app. It is quite hackish as it literally executes JS on a nearby Bangle to print a message (this also highlights one of the security issues with a Bangle with BLE enabled in general). The range is quite limited, 2m doesn't sound too far off...

    function send_text(a) {
      NRF.requestDevice({filters:[{ namePrefix: 'Bangle.js' }], timeout:3000}).then(function(device) {
        return require("ble_uart").connect(device);
        function(uart) {
    uart.write("if(typeof(_oldg)!='undefined­')g=_oldg;g.clear();E.showMessage('"+a+"­');g.flip();Bangle.buzz(300);_oldg=g;g=G­raphics.createArrayBuffer(8,8,1);\n").th­en(()=>{uart.disconnect(); load(); }, (error)=>{E.showAlert(error).then(()=>{l­oad()});});
        function(error) {

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