• Hi,

    I visited FosDem and I was amazed of the "smartwatch-that-can-run-JavaScript" ! all week now I read a lot about Bangle.js 2 and other Espruino devices, such as Puck.js! I kinda regret that didn't buy one from your stand.

    I also showed Bangle.js 2 to my children and they were amazed too. They asked me if they can "chat" from one watch to another/ can get sensor data from one-another watch and if yes what is the range? Can it be done also with 3 watches? I didn't find any app doing it, they will try to write their own (good way to learn developing), they are interested if it is possible.

    Second question, I saw many interesting posts / videos how to program/ use Puck.js v2, very nice device and I feel bad I didn't watch it closer at FosDem. Can I combine it with bangle.js 2? For example Bangle could vibrate if I press the button on Puck, or I can get the temperature, light etc reading from the sensors on Puck. What could be the battery life of Puck for reading the temperature let's say every 1 minute and transmit it?

    Thank you guys!

    P.S. I have the card "Create your first app at espruino.com/ide" all week long on my desk ;)


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