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    I use the native ide on windows 11.

    getData() reads the data stored in 4 arrays Uint16 or 32 bits.
    This data is stored when a watch, initialised by initWatchs(), launches one, depending on the board used, of sALcd(d2,p2) for Pixljs or sALcd(d2,p2) for the original espruino.
    The sensor is an LDR and data is: a counter, the date, the time between falling edges of LDR, and a computed power.
    As a result I expect to upload data either with usb from the original espruino board or with ble advertising from Pixljs: This is yet to be added as I found a third project here.
    Ble advertising is steep a learning curve for me so far: choosing a standard UUID in the table and setting up the formatted data value.

    Basically, this is an extension of your puckjs ldr based tutorial wired just as you did and some other data logger tutorial...
    Indeed, I am trying to catch the very same power meter diode flashes while my solar panels over produce energy and the apparent power gets down to 0.
    In this case, there is a 0 apparent power provided but the power meter's serial link, while the led flashes at each Wh, so ...
    This information is officially provided by a serial uart names TIC (teleinfo) here in France. It takes an opto isolation and 1,N,8 at 1200 bauds to get some data which would allow me to measure each reinjected Wh and the time between those pulses to know what power is beeing reinjected to the grid right in real time. This link is well known here and there are many schematics and ready made interfaces for USB devices. I have run it on a raspberry pi since 2014 "almost" uninterupted.
    There is an equivallent serial link in Belgium and the Netherland as far as I know.


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