• IIRC the alarms app also doesn't show if an alarm has more info attached. So it is not immediately apparent if a Sched entry was made by alarms or a different app.

    I think there are ways in which the alarms app could be extended to be very helpful for other apps as well. Every app that implements an own kind of alram could be added to a list and when creating a new alarm you could at the end have an option to select between a normal kind of alarm or a noteify/etc kind of alarm. Then if you activate an alternate app, there could be a link to a showMenu function of said app so you could configure the kind of alarm (eg. the message to be displayed by noteify) directly from a submenu of the alarms app.

    The alarms app would then display all alarms sorted first by app (with own alarms first and then the ones by different app) with a seperator for every app.

    In addition you should still be able to set any alarm to hidden if you don't want it modifiable by the alarms app.

    That would for me be the perfect way to add custom functionality to alarms/sched without having to rewrite large parts of the software.


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