• I have mange to work and took an working example from here:

    this is the code I have wrote:

    My_MAC = NRF.getAddress();
    print("My MAC address is " , My_MAC);
    var n = "0";
      "3e440001-f5bb-357d-719d-179272e4d4d9": {
        "3e440002-f5bb-357d-719d-179272e4d4d9": {
          writable : true,
          onWrite : function(evt) {
            n = evt.data[0];
            if (n < 18) {
      digitalWrite(LED, 1);
           else {
           digitalWrite(LED, 0);}
    	"3e440003-f5bb-357d-719d-179272e4d4d9": {
          readable : true,
          value : [getTime()]
    }, {});
    // On disconnect, turn off led
    NRF.on('disconnect', function() {
      digitalWrite(LED, 0);
    NRF.setAdvertising({}, {name:"Test_Read_Write"});

    when I connect using android phone "nRF Connect "
    I can see I have 2 chars from 1 service
    3e440002 is write
    3e440003 is read

    I have 3 questions :
    when I connect to the 3e440002 - and send any byte - LED is on (which is good for me to understand how things works )
    when I connect to 3e440003 - he only show me "4C 'L'"

    1. what do I need to do in order to see "live" data (timestamp - just to see it's alive), or even the latest byte I sent to the device?
    2. is there any to see console.print while I'm connecting using web ide on my computer?
      or do I have to connect it using serial cables?
    3. when I use a python code to send data I get this error:

      Characteristic 3e440002-f5bb-357d-719d-179272e4d4d9 does not support write operations!

    when I use the same code to connect to Arduino with the same chars - I can send data to it ,
    also as I mention before - on android nRF I can send messages

    so what am I missing ?

    Thanks ,