• I think we misunderstanding each other.... :-)

    can you show an example code to put on the mdb42q
    all I want it to do it to be connactable from 1 knonwn MAC address and wait for message
    I don't need it to send\advertise\publish nothing

    just to be connected and wait for message

    this is what I have done :

      {//here I put the HEX data -https://www.bluetooth.com/specification­s/gatt/characteristics/
    ], { //here I put the defualt data ONLY!
       name : "Devcie TEST",
       showName: true,
       discoverable : true,
       connectable : true,
       scannable : true,

    I can see the device in scanning
    I mange to connect to him - because I can see this in the IDE :

    -> Bluetooth

    and on my PI I can see I'm connected

    now what I need to add in order to read the data I'm sending from the PI (sending json {'open'})

    Thank you ,