• This might no be a espruino problem, but someone might be able to help.

    I have a couple of Pixel.js units that are to display a value from a BLE advertisement packet.
    For testing I used some Ruuvi sensors and this works just fine, the script builds an array of senders mac addresses and reads out the temperature and humidity, and then updates the display.

    But then I got the real device we will listen to. This is based on a BlueGiga BLE112 module running a bgscript.
    I have no problems finding the device with the Lightblue app on iOS etc.
    I can also see the device just fine with Wireshark and the Adafruit BLE sniffer. I have attached a short pcap file with this data.
    But the Espruino will not see this device, or, after days of testing the Pixel.js has found the device once, thats it.

    The data sent has manufacturer id set to 0x8282 for this test.
    The first 4 bytes of the manufacturer data is a timer value in seconds, then some flags and the last byte is a signature that always reads 0xDB.

    The espruino script is a bit messy but this is in a testing phase... :-)

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