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  • Hey,
    i experienced simular issues. but due to the last updates, most of the things are fixed. 😊

    The Android Integration app shows blank screens.

    Also had this issues. i updated the firmware version and all apps. Until now i din't had this issue again.

    being able to decline incoming calls.

    this is also fixed 😊

    Also when I receive a message, I need to press BTN1 three times to get rid of it.

    with the first one, you probably unlock your screen. you could configure it to eithe unlock when you liftup or rotate your arm. The other way would be in

    Settings -> apps -> Messages -> Unlock Watch to true.

    Then you have only the message and the message overview to get rid of.

    The icons are not good implemented jet, yes. But they will become better 😊

    Update: i just saw, that for the beta tester on playstore a new version was released today, where the emojis looks verry good. Thanks @Gordon


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