• and if you really need it queued and received later you can trigger sending notification from queue by writing. this can result in same amount of traffic as reading the value also means sending ble packet to puck and getting the result value back

    Edit: in fact this might be more efficient if you have more entries accumulated in the queue, by triggering notification by write you can then send more entries from queue via notifications at once (based e.g. on value written). this is less traffic/faster than reading values one by one

  • This approach could work. Thanks. The puck may be accumulating events when not connected to the central and if there is nothing queued up in the Puck then I turn off the Puck's radio. When there is something, the Puck will start advertising, central will connect and write causing the Puck to batch up what's in the queue and notify central. Central writes, and if nothing left in queue, Puck goes to sleep again.


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