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  • Hi @Gordon thanks for your reply.

    Over the weekend I swapped from a USB via mains socket to an old 12v leisure battery with 2w solar trickle charger so I'll see if the power supply has been the issue.

    I've found during testing that if say I had my phone connected to the device and then tried to connect to the device that it wouldn't even display as an option to connect to. I'm now at the point where I only really connect to the device on my laptop as that's where I've got my web page to display the results.

    The board is encased in a little black box and glued onto my meter so it can pick up the flashes. So no LED is visible.

    In terms of connection I am using the Vin/GND as per the diagram.

    It's set to snow and be cloudy for the next few days so the MDBT42 won't be counting many flashes...


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