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  • In my DIY Gamer Project I needed the ability to show a score at the end. Having looked at the built in bitmap / vector fonts, these weren't really what I wanted. I wanted something that would fill the screen, so had a look into creating a bitmap font.

    There are some docs here on the subject, but it requires you to do some initial steps with some other software, and the code for the conversion seems to be a bit out of date aswell.

    So after figuring out how it all worked, I thought I'd throw a simple web page together to help do the conversion for you, so here it is.

    Simply upload a local bitmap image file containing the graphics charset (in ASCII code order as black text on a white background), tell it what the first character is (just type the character, no need to know the ASCII code), tell it the width / height of the character bounds and whether it is a fixed width font, or whether it should calculate the smallest possible width for each character then hit the "Convert" button.

    It'll then generate the code you need to drop into your Espruino sketch and you hey-presto, you have your custom bitmap font ready to use.

    Hope it helps some folk.


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