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  • a serial communication (SerialBT) between a Bangle.js 2 and an ESP32 - not necessarily with BLE

    What you mean by "not necessarily with BLE", is using wires OK then? there is no other Bluetooth than LE in Bangle.js

  • Sorry for the confusion, but I thought there's also a non LE available.
    Using wires would be ok if you can show me how to route the serial port to the SWD pins ;-)

    Does this mean there is no possibility to connect a Bangle.js 2 with an ESP32 because the ESP32 doesn't support BLE?

    Should I create a new thread not mentioning BLE?

  • ESP32 does support BLE*. Maybe you are mixing up with ESP8266 which doesn't?
    You might be able to do what you want with MicroPython.

    • but I gather from this thread Espruino + ESP32 doesn't?

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