• No if bangle is the active one in this, currently you can have one connection into Bangle and one from Bangle to some other device. They are unrelated.

    Also BTW every recent iphone have such service implemented (as per 40.12.4 Available Services )

    But this could be also done over advertisements so no connection would be needed, just scan for devices around and get the data directly from the packet. However that would be custom solution but relatively easy to do on both sides. maybe even esp32 board running espruino could do such current time advertisement (while syncing with NTP servers over wifi)

  • hmm, ok, I thought I read somewhere that Bangle.js 2 only supports one Bluetooth connection at a time.

    I wouldn't mind a custom solution. I'm a programmer and my Debian 11 desktop computer is synced to NTP and has Bluetooth dongle, but I don't know enough of Bluetooth to try implementing something like that.

  • Yeah, I got same idea. Even tried to write such time announcement service in Linux. But low experience with BLE and shortage of time holds me...


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