• Check the module and try some simple calls.

  • I'm trying to call WHO_AM_I, don't know if this is the correct way to read data, but this is how it works the module, the example in page doesn't explain well, I mean, how to read 8 bits from device 0x68 to the address 0x75 :

    I2C1.setup( {scl: NodeMCU.D4, sda: NodeMCU.D5} );
    var data = I2C1.readFrom(0x75,8);

    But still got the same error:

    Uncaught InternalError: I2CRead: No ACK 0
     at line 5 col 33
      var data = I2C1.readFrom(0x3B,8);
    in function called from system

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