• Hi,
    Quick status, having spent some time on this, Im going to make a serious attempt at adding a USB host functionality option on the Pico build for host HID support.
    Approach maybe with a with a new E.USBSetHost, function that can be used in conjunction with the existing E.USBSetHID to set the mode between: USB device Virtual com (default) , USB Device with HID or USB Host for HID. ie set to host on next USB insert of the board.

    Will add discussion on an approach for comment after more learning on my part.
    status So far:
    Working thru Udemy course embedded driver development for STM32.
    Learnt how to successfully build Espruino and flash to Pico on Ubunto box
    Currently getting to grips with the current Pico USB build: Looking at the STM libraries currently employed, working back from STM32_USB.make, using STM Library docs. , understanding how E.USBSetHID is implemented.

    Found great basic USB tutorial.

    Trying to get hold of a STM32F407G DISC BOARD for the development as it has debug capability and USB wired up to STF32F4.... But struggling on availability, just spoke to Anglia Live sales rep to complete questionnaire on my 'project' to justify having stock allocated to me !
    So told her this was a project to enhance the Espruino project , hope that is enough.

    If ok , will raise an issue for an enhancement 'Provide USB Host functionality on Pico' on Github to formalise the work, in case it helps with supply issue of the dev board. And then can have discussion there on the approach .
    Cheers Simon