• Hello, I have been working with the MDBT42Q, I want to control it using the USART1 (pins D8 and D6). I use the REPL console to send the code, after that I use the REPL to check some pin status using directly the analogRead function or modify the value of a pin using digitalWrite.

    The device works as expected, but after some time (random) it become unstable.

    After checking the communication logs I've been able to found some errors that are appearing randomly.

    This errors are:
    1.- Execution Interrupted during event processing.\r\n
    2.- New interpreter error: MEMORY\r\n
    3.- ERROR: Ctrl-C while processing interval - removing it.\r\n
    4.- New interpreter error: CALLBACK\r\n
    5.- New interpreter error: MEMORY_BUSY\r\n
    6.- Execution Interrupted\r\n
    7.- New interpreter error: FIFO_FULL\r\n

    I've been searching for detailed information about it and I couldn't find any reason to have this unexpected behaviour. It seems that this kind of errors are related on execution conditions (if there are a lot of calls to a big function, etc)

    I would like to know if there is any function that helps me to debug this errors, allow me to check the free RAM memory or the setWatch queue status.

    A part of that I would like to know if it's posible to enable software or hardawre flow control on the USART1? Is it posible to disble the BLE console?

    Thank you in advance


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