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  • I have now finished an initial version of a Bangle compatible environment for the ROCK and Magic3 watches. You can find it in this repository. The firmware uses a double buffered version of lcd-spi-ubuf.c which combined with 32Mhz SPI gives much faster screen update than was possible on the P8. The Bangle emulation is implemented in Javascript so is easy to update. Emulation functions are loaded into the NRF52840 internal flash for better performance. They allow you to load apps directly from the Bangle App Loader if you ignore the warnings, however, since the ROCK and Magic3 have very few sensors it is really only Clock apps that are truly portable. As an example, the Wave Clock which runs on both Bangle and Bangle 2 is shown below running on the ROCK - it was loaded straight from the official Bangle App Loader:


    The emulation has versions of setUI options so menus and prompts work.


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