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  • Hi Folks

    I know that the puck and Bangle (and others) can be accessed and programmed via BLE on a BLE capable device and that they don't have a WiFi stack. However I'm confused as to how I can "bridge" a connection so that a puck (for example) could report something from a sensor (such as light or temperature) to a website sitting on the public internet.

    Or being able to call a url on the public internet (such as IFTT or Zapier) to trigger other workflows based on the puck's sensor data?

    I get that I can host an Espruino Hub on a raspberry Pi 3 which would give me control in the sense that I have a web server running on my local network - but would I be able to forward/proxy an HTTP request to another domain (again on the public internet) or is there an easier, simpler method to accomplish this?

    Appreciate any help or directions...



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