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  • I notice a lot of comparison with Pebble... as much as Pebble was a great thing, afaik, it never had GPS nor was it geared towards being hackable, and therefore it is just like any other smartwatch without GPS . Any watch with GPS that has to look and be not as bulky - withxdepthxheight - as Bangle.js 1 and have has to go with the case, (practical no) bezel and glass in size and shape as Bangle.js 2. Any bezel around the glass requires either the glass to be larger or the view angle is smaller to see the complete face.

    Attached cross sections of the different options of encasing (purple) the same volume for the electronics (green) - battery, pcb, display, glass (blue) strength, and wide view angel onto the active area (yellow) of the display. It is very obvious that a protected glass comes with a lot of bulk - first height (2) and then, in order to keep the wide viewing angle, also width x depth (3)... A 3D view would would show this even more pronounce. :

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