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  • Hi,
    sorry there were a few bugs, I should have fixed them now, please pull. I have also run some more benchmarks with your new data and tuned the movement detection stage a bit.

    It would be useful to keep the same file names so that provenance of the logs can be tracked.

    Yes, good idea! The only requirement is that the first characters correspond to what we consider the "ground truth".

    The Accelerometer logs below are all ZERO steps and should be part of the controlled test data in my view.

    Yes, if you are sure about the fact that you did not do any step.

    These and similar logs must form at least 50% of the test data in any test harness.

    The more data we have the better. Actually we should also include running and walking in different conditions, like on soft floor, hard floor, with and without shoes etc.

    No algorithm is going to be perfect, some may be more precise when walking, others when not. In the end it depends on the use case: runners may prefer better accuracy when running, others may prefer better accuracy when walking etc.

    As a general aim I think we should try to have something as good as an average fitness tracker.


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