• Completed annotations in both command list files as taken from respective data sheet .pdf files and wrote some standalone GC9A01_ILI9341_cmds_map.html file that consumes the annotated data and renders it in the browser in various ways:

    ** Main representations of the commands for each of the controllers

    • 16x16 matrixes with the command placed by their 0x00 - high / low Nibble code value
    • Lists with all commands with merged in commands of the other controller
    • Pure lists of all command

    Clicking on the ## and 0x## command ids (in bold) is forward cycling from/thru:

    • matrix
    • mixed in list
    • pure list

    Clicking on the command names (in bold) is navigating 'backwards' from/to:

    • pures list
    • mixed in list
    • matrix

    Note *The gray marked matrix cell and list entries in the mixed in list show which command id (0x##) is not available in the other matrix or list. Colons in a matrix cell indicated that the other controller has a command with that code.

    Attached is the browser loadable GC9A01_ILI9341_cmds_map.html file - just click on it - and two screenshots. The first one shows the matrixes and the second one shows part of the a merged in list.

    The next post has a brief about the JavaScript in the .html file.

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