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  • With recent merges nrf51 should have more free ram +488 bytes for recent MICROBIT1 build ~= 40 variables or more room in stack. Also some flash was saved during the process so even stock MICROBIT1 build can have 5 flash pages for storage now.

    I don't have any microbit 1 so can't test but now also the hardware i2c can be removed from the build so current microbit sensor code could use software i2c possibly saving some further tiny bits of ram and flash (and even power?).

    As for my build for generic nrf51 module I am back to using 300 variables and listing and viewing files in storage in WebIDE works :) Also I have 6 pages of storage with some extra features enabled like arrow functions, Inline C, watchdog

  • I just got a few 51822 boards, all with 16K RAM (same story: seller claimed QFAC). Can you tell me what to define/comment out so I can make a minimal working build? I'm hoping to use them as simple bluetooth switches.


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