• Sat 2021.09.25 06:59am CST

    Thank you for taking a peek into this @MaBe   Just put on the first pot of coffee to get back at this. That link should assist in a basic understanding of what parts (apps?) should be in place, although it's a bit convoluted for my understanding at the moment.

    I took that user response at face value and just gave it a try as I didn't have any true idea of what is going on. A simple un-install might cure that, as it appears that only a part of the PATH var was prefixed. Something else to repair.

    It just dawned on me that I upgraded nRFConnect and specifically the Programmer sub-app three weeks ago. I'm wondering if anything in it's set of flashing tools might have hosed something.

    Off to check as I start on this first cup! . . . .


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