• Sun 2021.09.19

    This may be related to native WebIDE lock up with neopixel line insertion

    WebIDE locks up while loading require("neopixel") on nRF52840 Dongle


    I'm able to copy into R-Hand editor side and upload the above code. Upon copy-n-paste into L-Hand console side, a second anomally, only the first character of the line of code to insert appears. At this point the browser is locked, along with the board, causing a need for board power-down, close and re-open of editor window, along with pairing in order to re-connect.


    require("neopixel").write(D2, [11,11,0]);

    Only the first char appears, with blinking box cursor covering the '>' symbol

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    At this point the board and IDE are locked.

    I'll continue testing. . . .


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