• I use the MDBT42Q with the 2v09 firmware.
    I connected the ESP8266 to it.
    After 2 months of operation, the flash became empty!

    =[  ]

    The code and the logs are disappeared.
    The device has been self-initialized, working, and can be connected.
    I tried another MDBT42Q yesterday and the same thing happened!
    Is it possible that the storage write could cause a problem?
    I do a simple log, I write very little data (basically i am writing a counter):

    function log(f){
         if (require("Storage").read(f) == "undefined") {
          var n=parseInt(require("Storage").read(f))+1­;

    This log runs very rarely.

    I couldn't manually reproduce this thing maybe someone has a similar experience?
    This is very scary for me.


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