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  • Is there a wiki or similar which would help us who don't follow the code figure out our watches?

    I would get more use out of the watch if I could better understand the way the apps function or how to troubleshoot it when its not working as expected. I've gone through numerous starts of using my watch but inevitably the config becomes unstable/unpredictable and I give up until the next firmware is released.

    If I better understood why the system was so unstable for me I would be more inclined to submit bugs, but there's not much documentation beyond getting the initial watch running. I realize there is a troubleshooting area, but I think a general faq or wiki regarding the software with working scenarios would be helpful. Also to give tips on how to use some of the apps or allow authors to submit more elaborate documentation.

    To give you an idea of the types of questions I'm thinking of:
    Does loading more apps on the watch affect the memory errors in running apps?
    Can I remove apps to help avoid memory errors?
    Which apps are always running opposite those which load when you start them?
    What base apps are needed for various functionality (e.g. its still unclear to me what role gps/pedometer widgets/apps play in watch face functionality)?
    What is quiet mode?
    If my watch crashes on startup is there anything I can besides resetting it?

    Related to­364674/ I am disappointed that the only way I've found the watch to work consistently is with the default apps which have hardly any functionality. I would really like to see something like the Kitchen Combo be the default face if that can be made stable.


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