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  • unfortunately when it sleeps properly it can take even weeks to drain the battery so hopefully yours has something turned on.

    Mine is not dim but quite bright, however the F07 is strange in this, other devices has single pin that can turn the backlight on and off but this F07 I have still glows a bit until you completely disconnect all pins like done here­74be509a37f13aa558e5f6dd#file-f07-esprui­no-demo-js-L161 without doing this it draws power but also I had some issues turning it back on properly in such dimmed state, then it might be dim as you describe. Maybe you even have different device, the F07 has multiple firmware files and different device IDs, do you have firmware update zip downloaded by iband application? The device version is in the name, my F7 is 8077 and F10 is 8078, both work with exactly same code example, maybe yours is different?

    EDIT: now after re-reading your post I understand your one already recovered so that's great


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