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  • I did give this a shot but didn't quite get where I wanted to. If there's somebody else who wants to pick up this work, I'd be happy to have a quick chat about what I know so far.

    I estimate that a couple of weeks of solid effort will get the port through. I unfortunately do not have that kind of temporal availability at the moment.

    The major issue that got me stuck was that while a lot of the Espruino code is modular with respect to ports, much of it isn't, with #ifdefs in many places to put in architecture-specific code. There are also assumptions about what an ARM has and does, and the Pico is a bit different in terms of how their custom C/C++ SDK is structured, and importantly, abstracted.

  • if its just fixing a bunch if ifdefs i can take a stab at it. Im not a C++ dev but any pointers on the correct direction would be awesome


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