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  • Hi @Cadas

    this forum is all about Espruino, a platform with IDE and modules that supports programming in JavaScript on Espruino boards and some 3-rd party boards (bases on nRF52832).

    May be you give it a try to use Espruino rather than Arduino IDE... For that though, I'd recommend to start with an Espruino board based on nRF52832 - Puck.js, Pixl.js, MDBT42Q or Bangle.JS, and after gained some familiarity, you can give it a shot of porting Espruino to this board of yours. All these devices you find at the top of the API / Reference page.

    Bangle.js has even an emulator - you need only the browser - to get started: IDE. And I can promise you, you will be delighted with Espruino and will forget Arduino for most of the things you want to do. The reference page to start with when using Bangle.js (emulator) is­opment

    Have a nice Espruino day!

    • ao

    PS: this is your blinky code:

    var on; setInterval(function(){LED1.write(on=!on­);},500);

    With this you overwrite the color picker the emulator comes up with and hit the upload button. No installation nor configuration, just go.


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