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  • Thanks for the debugging hints. I knew none of this. Where should I look for more debugging hints?

    setInterval is called once from the main context. These are my timers in normal situation:

      { time: 140550, interval: 300000,
        callback: function (undefined) { ... }
      { time: 1342468, interval: 3000000,
        callback: function (undefined) { ... }

    this is memory (again under normal conditions)

    { free: 1563, usage: 737, total: 2300, history: 23,
      gc: 538, gctime: 2.717, blocksize: 16 }

    I'll definitelly incorporate your and @AkosLukacs hints into the error handling and debugging when it crashes again.

  • 'setInterval is called once from the main context'

    What method is being used to end or remove each defined interval?

    From that statement, I'd only expect one timer to show active, but two(five) are shown in the response in post #9

    'this is memory (again under normal conditions)'

    There appears to be plenty available. re: free

    Again, as the others and I have requested, best to post some code, so as not to guess here!


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