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  • nice, looks like he removed the 423 from that. but still it is quite a lot of code. when one would start from scratch with datasheet and just write code for needed features it could be quite simple and short but it needs understanding the HW more so not sure it is worth it for you

    I'm more nervous about modifying the 'firmware' Espruino build at the moment, because I have no way to recover a bricked device.

    You actually did not mention how you update it, does it have nordic bootloader ? or was it using Da Fit app? which exact espruino build and bootloader you have in the watch now? you built it yourself already?

    to help with this I have a bootloader that vibrates after poweron from dead battery and you have some time to touch it and enter bootloader so you can replace even completely broken build. For less broken builds using watchdog helps. also normal espruino bootloader build for your device checks if BTN1 is pressed at boot time and stays in bootloader. However capacitive sensors do not work well when already held before powering on so that's why I added code so it vibrates and you need to touch it later.

    Rewriting in JS would be time consuming, and also make it harder to keep up with any changes upstream.

    which upstream you mean, the BMA driver or espruino? the driver won't probably change for this old HW, they will possibly just add newer devices to it.


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