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  • Gordon - Since it sounds like selling Espruino boards is critical to the success of this venture, let me make two recommendations:

    • Update with prominent links to distributors. The current version of that page has the link to distributors in body-text size print, and overall gives the impression that you're barely ready to start selling them. Even on the most important material - the links to the vendors - is at the bottom of the page. It comes off as though you don't really want to sell them :-/

    • Get a better US distributor. Can't you get someone to sell it through Amazon Marketplace (their third party seller system)? Or even Ebay? Americans are much more comfortable buying through these big marketplaces than some fly-by-night store with a name that evokes crops and aliens (Seeed might be a familiar name to some microcontroller people, but it certainly isn't known to the js web-developer crowd). Many people I know are just like "fuck this shit" (pardon my american) when they see something only for sale on a smaller online vendor. If we see that a seller is shunning Amazon and Ebay, that immediately makes the vendor look untrustworthy and unreliable - we assume that they're doing it to avoid having reviews and feedback ratings which would reveal their shoddy service or poor products. I know you're legit, but most people seeing this won't have such faith. Besides - almost as importantly - it's super easy to buy through amazon or ebay. No entering cc info, no typing in addresses... just add to cart, checkout, next, place order - bam, done. I'm sure there are logistical difficulties to selling through these vendors (though I'm not sure what it is for ebay - even I've sold crap on there), but I have no doubt that this is hurting your sales into the US. Particularly since all those other unsupported boards that don't fund this project ARE readily available from established vendors who are easy to buy from (via amazon and/or ebay).


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