• Hi,

    I am certain I have missed something, but have been tearing my hair out over this - I have two Espruino MDBT42Q breakout modules, as well as a bare module I got from Raytac that I flashed myself. On all of these modules, using firmwares 2v04, 2v07, 2v08, and 2v08_189, according to my current measurements (tested using both a uCurrent Gold + multimeter and a Current Ranger with its default OLED), and with a variety of power sources, I haven't been able to get the current draw below 95uA, even when I bypass the voltage regulator and directly power the modules through their VDD and GND pins.

    I've tried a variety of things, but even the following code, on Flash + Reboot, or in RAM fails to get it below this number. It also sits at this number between advertising packets when I'm not sleeping it, so maybe NRF.sleep isn't doing the right thing?

    NRF.setServices({}, {uart:false});

    Apologies in advance for missing something obvious, whatever it may be 😬


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