• Hi guys,

    I've made a custom board and installed Espruino (Comiled from GitHub with board NRF52832DK). I've done that before, and everything works fine. However, for this build I changed some pins around, and are using SDA: D6, SCL:D7 for I2C. This time, it causes a lot of troubles:

    If reading or writing on I2C1, it simply crashes.
    If reading or writing using software I2C, it throws "Uncaught Error: I2C Error: Arbitration (start)"

    I looked at the source, and changed the source and noticed in boards/NRF52832DK.py that D6 is used for serial RX console. I changed that to some other pin, but didn't solve the problem.

    I've spend quite some time and money on the hardware - is there a way to fix this issue through software? I'm out of ideas. Let me know, if more information (debug, code, etc) is needed. My code and build do work on previous prototypes, so I'm quite sure it has something to do with using the pins D6 and D7 for I2C.


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