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  • I have also been thinking of how to have only one version of apps. It should be possible with the a bit of discipline and the ability to detect the capabilities of the underlying hardware - in most cases, I lazily hard coded in new screen coordinates. The screen size and color palette is probably the major issue but there is also the touch interface which it would be nice if apps could exploit. For example, the SMAQ3 version of my desktop style launcher allows you to click on the icon.

    Related to touch, it would be nice to have swipe up and swipe down as well as a click event with x, y coordinates. These are easy to do, however, not sure how best to combine these with the current Bangle event. My version of the firmware implemented these instead of the existing touch events, however, I would prefer to,return to the standard build.

    Having different versions of menu, prompt and message for the SMAQ3 was really flexible and means that you can have touch friendly versions without changing the app at all.

    I got a sample SMAQ3 delivered in 10days, so as you say, it looks like they are now willing to supply the watches. I think a lot of people would be interested in getting an SMAQ3 with Espruino preloaded or at least with the DFU boot loader to avoid having to deal with SWD.

    I tried emailing the VC31 manufacturer requesting a datasheet - sadly no response.


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