• Hello @Gordon,
    I tried using TypedArray

    var arr_data = new Float32Array(300);
    arr_data[i] = parseFloat(s); // this is in a for loop where I read each value from csv as string

    since my numbers are in decimals.
    However, when I try to store the float value in the above array, it doesn't get stored as it is.
    For example: 1180.952381 from the .csv is stored as 1180.95239257812

    I tried using Float64Array and it gave a better result however not the exact value
    1180.952381 is stored as 1180.95238100000
    and 1175.824176 is stored as 1175.82417599999

    I believe using Float32Array would be better considering memory usage, however not sure why the values aren't getting stored in the original form