• Thanks for the prompt replies. I've got the zip file downloaded and selected it using the "flash from file" button. I select the correct board in the FIRMWARE UPDATE dialog, press next and then there is no prompt to put into bootloader mode...nothing else happens.
    Got round that using the URL approach. firmware is in (IDE confirms that) but still can't set the register? Power cycled it as well... Tried the done var watch as suggested by @fanoush and its set still to zero so something is not working

    function READNFC() {
      return (0);
    function SETNFC() {
    poke32(0x4001e504,1);while(!peek32(0x400­1e400)); // enable flash writing
    poke32(0x1000120c,0xfffffffe);while(!pee­k32(0x4001e400)); // NFC pins as GPIO
    poke32(0x4001e504, 0);while(!peek32(0x4001e400)); // disable flash writing

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