• Hi! I have the problem in the title, but for real, unfortunately.

    I'm sorry to say that I got my Bangle.js from the Kickstarter, was excited, poked at it a bit, and then didn't touch it for many months.

    I'm finally looking at it now (no time like the pandemic, post-election, to finally try to get off my Wear OS watch and onto an open source one), but I can't get it to turn on, or even suggest that it might be charging. The watch stays off and totally inert no matter what I do (like tapping button 1, holding button 1 for 10 seconds, and holding buttons 1 and 2 for 10 seconds).

    I have the original charging cable, and have been careful about plugging it in as indicated on the tag. I've tried plugging the USB end of the cable both into my Linux desktop, and into a dedicated AC-to-USB converter.

    I do wonder whether the cable is actually making contact correctly? One of the little plastic "pins" next to the metal contacts is a little bit longer than the other.

    I don't have reason to believe the cable might have shorted, but since it sounds like it could be a risk, I've ordered a replacement. I'm in the US so it will take some time to get here, though, so if there are any suggestions for things I could try while I wait, I'd appreciate it.

    I know this is going to be very hard to debug, but I'd appreciate any help anyone could give. If it matters, I'm fairly experienced with the Linux command line, though less with Espruino interfaces in particular.

    Thanks in advance for anything that can be offered.


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