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  • the freezing is specifically gadgetbridge related

    Ok, it'd be good to know if you find a way to reproduce that. Does the watch automatically >reboot, or just stop responding? There's a watchdog timer so if Espruino thinks it has crashed it >should normally reboot itself in around 5 seconds.

    Sometimes the watch would reboot (and frequently enough for me to spot it a couple of times a day), sometimes the clock (unchanging) and screen would be stuck on which is very good at draining the battery! Often the watch clock would seem to "run slow" as well (it'd lose some hours/minutes). Disconnecting gadgetbridge and observing for a day I could see the issue stopped. I was going to raise that in separate thread/issue though.

    Now I'm back to just a couple of apps I'll see if it still happens or if it was the combination of things I had running.

    But I guess what happened is that you had used GPS in the past and everything was great, then at some point the battery run down and you lost the GPS time.

    Aha, it's good to understand how the time works! It's much less confusing now. It probably ran down while it was frozen on.


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