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  • I completely agree that the ESP32 Bluetooth consumes a lot of power. I noted above that it seemed to require 40ma even if not active and so I removed it completely. This post­ues/947#issuecomment-500312453 would seem to indicate that Bluetooth on current ESP32 hardware is a lost cause as you need an external 32.768Khz crystal to get effective low-power performance (yes, it uses 1 second advertising!).

    Overall, I think the T-watch is great as it has a large bright touchscreen but it would be of much more practical use as a smartwatch if it was based on low-power Bluetooth SoC such as an NRF52840. (I have a P8 - NRF52832 - on order! )

  • I have a P8 - NRF52832 - on order!

    Great watch for the price. This weekend I got SPI flash storage working together with the display (it has shared SPI pins between spi flash and display so was a bit tricky) so code runs from SPI like on Bangle, @enaon does great things with P8 and is always out of space so he nudged me to get it working.


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