• @parasquid this "no callback" issue wasn't restricted to the connect and disconnect functions it was doing the same for wifi.ping, likely any callback.

    The code I posted at the top was not the same code that generated the output above . The code whose output is above is from my starter repo that uses rollup and the listeners are not in the connect function. So rather than try to post all the pieces here is the link. I just committed the version of the "app.js" that does the three trials.


    You'd be able to clone it and try my actual code. Directions are in the readme. It's swift to get this running. Maybe running the exact same code we can track down my issue.

    In my wifi class there is a getter for a complete status which can be used at any time to see what state/status the wifi is in. I'll check again but I don't recall the disconnect being left in station: "AUTH_LEAVE" when the the callback was never called.

    one thing to note is that station might be "connected but the ssid is empty which is really a disconnected state (as I can't ping the esp like this). That's why my connected getter checks both station and ssid.


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