• Picking a Pico from my stash of Espruino boards, I picked a 1v92 flashed one... what a great release this was, like the 1v96. Updated to 2.v06 and for obvious reason and curiosity I noticed two things:

    1. The image selection dialog pop-up looks not that user friendly (anymore): the width is too narrow to show the drop-down box arrow. Some image short description text is so long that user has to scroll top the far right to get to it. Not a big deal, but is just not looking confidence fostering (see attached screenshot).

    2. For curiosity, I checked / compared process.memory():

      • 1v92 shows nice JSON in console
      • 2v06 shows something mixed
        Where is the difference coming from?


    >process.memory()  // 1v92
    ={ "free": 5076, "usage": 24, "total": 5100, "history": 9,
      "stackEndAddress": 536958124,
      "flash_start": 134217728, "flash_binary_end": 376720,
      "flash_code_start": 134234112, "flash_length": 393216 }


    >process.memory() // 2v06
    ={ free: 5076, usage: 24, total: 5100, history: 7,
      gc: 0, gctime: 5.54466247558, blocksize: 16,
      "stackEndAddress": 536958184,
      flash_start: 134217728, "flash_binary_end": 386528,
      "flash_code_start": 134234112, flash_length: 393216 }

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