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  • You bet. If you're looking at the 840 SoC alone then you wouldn't have to look any further than attached blinky examples with Coded PHY enabled (found them on the Nordic DevZone - SDK16), there's a few nuances with the extended advertising that I've already had the pleasure of struggling through. So if I can save you some time, please don't hesitate.

    Additionally if you're interested in examples with PA/LNA configuration, I have some custom-tweaked examples of a few different long-range modules as well. In my experience, if you really want to cut through all the noise I'd definitely recommend this option. I tested the firmware with two PA/LNA enabled boards in the middle of a crowded Chicago neighborhood and, like I mentioned I could not walk far enough to break the connection. Boards without it broke in less than 20m even with extended PHY channels. Let me know and I can drop those here as well (I'll have to clean them up a bit lol).

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