• The contents of "buffer" was expected, so apologies that I have mislead you with my post.

    When tested:

    • the Bangle was connected to the WebIde to monitor the response from the EspruinoHub, I understand that might require "juggling" when connecting to the Hub as well.
    • No other devices were connecting to the HUB.
    • distance between Raspberry/Hub and Bangle was 30 cm.
    • based on previous experience I was not surprised about the scarce connection errors, was expecting them. Will do some testing withe the connectionInterval later.

    The error that bugs me the most is Uncaught Error: Unhandled promise rejection: Disconnected.

    Because I had this error many times too when I coded my own BLE-UART-client on Bangle i.c.w. my own coded BLE-peripheral-server on an ESP32 (ref. in my post above). Thought it was due to my inexperience with Espruino and BLE.

    Now I'm using your code on Bangle and on Raspberry the same error appears, that gives me a little more confidence in my own coding skills ;-)
    Thought that reporting it here would give you some inspiration on the cause of this error.


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