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  • I probably need help in fully converting this into a module.

    Copy pasting into the left hand side as suggested in­ works and I'm able to get the sample code working.

    However, doing a

    const ina219 = require("https://raw.githubusercontent.c­om/parasquid/EspruinoDocs/master/devices­/INA219.js").connect(I2C1);

    gives some tokenization errors depending on whether or not I have minification turned on.

    Disabling all options for minification now gives me

    Uncaught Error: Function "getBusRaw" not found!
     at line 1 col 25
    const busVoltage = this.getBusRaw();
    in function "getBusMilliVolts" called from line 158 col 37
    console.log(ina219.getBusMilliVolts() / 1000 + 'V');

    I'm not really sure where I'm tripping up :(


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