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    I go back up and update this post with a question about kerning again! (yes i'm graphic designer with graphic design concerns)

    I asked my students to draw a ** slanted ** font on an LED matrix to be able to work on the graphics of the texts displayed. (of course if the work is successful we will share the drawn fonts)

    This time I need to decrease the space between the letters (i think, not sure)

    Perhaps I am wrong on the mode of operation, but if the text algorithm, detects the last drawn pixel of a letter then adds a space of 1 pixels, on a slanted font, the kerning will be too large.

    I wish I could chain the letters a pixel or two kerning, like the example provided. (for my point of view, the kerning is too short)

    @Gordon, Do you think DrawString is able to draw font as in the picture?

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