• Sat 2020.05.02

    Continuation of #10 post

    I'm believe I'm experiencing a Captain Obvious ID-10-T situation and haven't found the secret here.

    I need to edit/debug an existing online module using the online WebIDE.

    When using the native .exe WebIDE, it is possible to ?map? to the local file system where deploying the module is then accessible through the require() statement.


    When using the online WebIDE however, we are now presented with a new unique challenge.


    In order to debug a file using the Chrome Developer Tools F12 option, the sources tab doesn't reveal the code file to debug, nor the ability to access files on the local drive, although we are able to use console.log() statements to write to the console.

    Short of creating a stand alone module using the steps in the link above, what/how is the recommended process to debug both uploaded code and that of an existing online .js module?


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