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  • I'm trying this values:

    PWR_GPRS_ON : D31,
        LTE_RXD : D6, 
        LTE_CTS : D11, 
        LTE_TXD : D8, 
        LTE_RTS : D7, 
        GPRS_RESET : D29, 
        GPRS_PWRKEY : D28,

    instead of

    PWR_GPRS_ON : D6, 
        LTE_RXD : D7,
        LTE_CTS : D8,
        LTE_TXD : D9,
        LTE_RTS : D10,
        GPRS_RESET : D14,
        GPRS_PWRKEY : D15,

    But I'm not sure they are correct


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