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  • Hello Gordon,
    I developed a Rak8212 firmare using espruino.
    My firmware use the following sensors:

    • accelerometer lis3dh
    • the bluetooth advertising and gatt protocol
    • the bg96 module for gps and internet connection

    Now I'm trying to adapt that firmware to run it on the Rak5010 by using the Rak8212 firmware but changing only the pins values because the two schematic seem to be similar .
    For the lis3dh javascript module it was enough to change the interrupt and pins parameters, like this:

    i2c['setup']({"sda": D14, "scl": D13});
    lis3dh = accel['connectI2C'](i2c, {"int": D16});

    in place of

    i2c['setup']({"sda": D19, "scl": D18});
    lis3dh = accel['connectI2C'](i2c, {"int": D25});

    The bluetooth functions are working perfectly despite the nordic chip differences.
    But now I'm stuck with the bg96 module.
    Could you tell me if this is the right way to proceed or if there is other code to change into the espruino sources before I can use it?
    Thank you!


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