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  • @Robin "flashed" means something like: happy, overwhelmed, impressed ....
    As I'm a Mobile & Web-Developer, I'm very familiar with JS, so I'm glad to see that it's possible to use it for ESP-programming too.

    This was the link I've missed to add... means the HowTo I've followed:­

    I've also ordered some other chipset like esp-12, NodeMCU... but first I wan't to start with this tiny one. The single gpio-Output on the esp-01 fit's my needs (I think so) for a tiny first Project.

    So maybe you can give me some general hints for the first Steps.
    For the ESP-01 (and maybe other chipsets), what are the steps to work with it?
    Is it like this:

    1. Put Chip in Flash-Mode
    2. Upload firmware especially for this Ship
    3. Upload Espruino firmware
    4. Upload code, which do something on the chip (for espruino it's js, arduino it's C ?)

    I've still ordered a bunch of esp-Chipsets before I was aware that Espruino exist. So I wan't first go with this stuff, instead of buying additional Stuff like Pico or other thinks.
    Because I'm at the very beginning of this hobby... You know what I mean?

  • Sat 2020.02.08

    "flashed" means something like: happy, overwhelmed, impressed ....

    Good Morning @rethus thank you for that explanation. May I ask which continent that is used or may have originated from? I've not heard it hear in North America.

    'but first I wan't to start with this tiny one' ref ESP-01

    I'm not a Linux or Mac OS user, so please follow @MaBe suggestion in post #4 There are several that have years of experience on that platform, and I'd only muddy the waters with my input.

    Regarding the four steps outlined in post #3, step 2 and 3 are basically the same thing, unless creating a custom build, but uploading/flash of Espruino loads the Espruino interpreter, which is easily accessed using the WebIDE.

    'I'm glad to see that it's possible to use' ref Espruino Javascript

    Yes, and you'll really grasp it's ease of use with the code file upload panel and command line console input to send immediate commands. Along with the 'debugger' the environment is much faster than attempting the same using Arduino for instance. Limited debug - code, compile, fix syntax, edit, compile, fix logic, wash , lather, rinse, repeat within that environment.

    'I'm at the very beginning of this hobby... You know what I mean?'

    Yes, the authors of the Espruino environment constantly struggle with how to earn an income supporting eagar users such as yourself, while keeping the entire works open-source. Then how to appease the unpaid end-users providing forum support, such as this thread. Although the ambition to start with other devices is understood by all, should it take more than the weekend to get the device you have up and running, IMO you will be light year ahead with an official supported device. I was in your shoes three years ago attempting to do more with less, but found the amount of time required to refactor all the tutorials and forum examples just isn't worth the ten additional dollars or so for an official board. I suppose if you are in your twenties, and 'short on money but long on time', it may be a fun and inexpensive learning experience. But, should you be like myself, 'closer to pushing up lillies than from birth to ones twenties', then time is the limiting factor. (unless you know of someone selling 'time') I have learned that the amount of effort wasted required to make the mods to the tutorials in an attempt to save a few dollars with an off brand board - Just Isn't Worth It!!

    Case in Point:

    R-Click on my name in this post to open a new tab. Click on the 'conversations' link and work backwards from panel 'last' to see my struggle(s).


    My first exposure was with the Pico. Plug-n-go. I had a wild idea that using an inexpensive ESP8266 would solve some coding time. You'll see in those initial threads however, I burned up a ton of time proving myself wrong. Tough to own up to!! I also have learned by getting involved in helping others in the forum is the fastest way to get up and running. While that may seem far feteched, yes I made a few suggestion blunders along the way, but it forces one to 'look the stuff up'. After doing it for quite a while now, I have an innate ability to remember where I 'saw' that documentation, speeding not only assisting others, but also knowing where to get a tid-bit to solve an issue I've had.

    'Because I'm at the very beginning of this hobby'

    And you're excitment will grow, just take a look at some of the forum threads within 'Projects'

    In the mean time, while not an ESP8266, get started with some programming using the emulator on the Bangle. Just came across this '8-Ball' demo another individual is working on.
    It's not a perfect solution, or even a substitute for coding on the device you currently have, but it does provide some basic interaction to get the juices flowing!!

    Runs in the browser.

    Launch link at:­996/


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